Our technical offices, armed with an experience of over thirty years in the field of installation vessel, are able to design air conditioning and ventilation of Yachts and Mega-yachts in steel and aluminum, supporting the customer from the beginning of choice and definition of the system, offering customized solutions in the type and performance characteristics to achieve maximum satisfaction in their end.
Always updated on innovations, with particular attention to environmental protection and energy saving, our engineers and technicians develop thermo-hygrometric calculation, equipments sizing, functional designs, installation plans, accommodation and construction drawings of ducts, bases and accessories starting from a detailed analysis of the specifications of the customer, in ensuring respect of the rules and regulations, evaluating and suggesting, if possible, better solutions or alternatives and interfacing with the technical departments of the most important and prestigious Italian shipyards during the development of orders.

Equipments and accessories

The equipments, accurately sized by design offices, are selected in the vast park production of Condaria, whose brand is synonymous with high reliability and long experience in the specific context of the shipbuilding industry.
Air Handling Unit (AHU), chillers, fan coils, ventilating machines, batteries, heating / cooling, electrical, control systems are selected or customized, ensuring to the customer a choice always centered to meet the specifications of the system, in the certainty of getting the best performance and quality.
Structural ducts or air distribution of all types and materials, fire dampers, air dampers, sealing or adjustment, external grilles inlet and exhaust air filters and mist eliminators are selected in the catalog or designed, drawn and constructed tailored, to obtain in each installation the best functional and esthetic result.


A team of experienced technicians and qualified workers work on construction sites or in Yards indicated by Customer installing with professionalism and competence the systems, equipments and accessories of our production or supply.
Always in contact with the technical department, our production managers closely follow the installation, interfacing with Surveyors, participating in meetings and planning activities and ensuring the implementation of the various stages of assembly in when and as planned, according to the criteria of quality and safety standards apply.


In addition to ensuring the management and monitoring of the contract throughout its development, the company provides a comprehensive service and support in the testing and delivery systems, ensuring that the project meets the specifications and expectations of the Client.
Using measuring and surveying calibrated and certified, performing the tests memoranda included all tests expected from Customer’s program.
It ‘also expected a calibration phase of the system, aimed to optimize the performance and to ensure optimal conditions of wellness in all air-conditioned and ventilated rooms.


The company has an extensive network of service centers, spread to cover the needs of service at key points in most of the world. For any requirement relating to our systems and products, you can contact the nearest service center that will take care of the customer’s requests with competence and promptness.